Learn more about what to expect when submitting a proposal. We have gathered some of the most asked questions and tried to provide an answer.

If you have questions, please contact rendezvous@caepa.org.

What will you ask for when I submit a proposal?

We ask for the following:

Contact information
Name, Email
Affiliate information
If applicable, we would like to know which organization your presentation is affiliated with.
Session leader biography
Please provides a brief summary of your education, work history and experience that is relevant to your presentation topic and written in the third person. If the session will include co-leaders, provide a bio for each. If the session will have more than three session co-leaders, provide a bio for the primary leader and a general description of the remaining team members. Biographies will be published in our program and online. (600 characters)
Session information
We will ask for your availability and how many session blocks your proposal requires. Session blocks are 75 minutes in length.
Session title
Many people decide to go to a session based on title alone. Please provide a descriptive session title that is catchy, and accurately reflects the content of the session.
Learning objectives
Provide up to three takeaways for session participants. (600 characters)
Target audience
Partners, Administrator, Instructor, Student
Session abstract
In 200 words or less, please provide a brief and accurate description of the session and what participants will learn. Session abstracts will be published in our program and online. (1200 characters)
Session strand
Best Practices, College or Career Transitions, Digital Literacy, Diverse Learners, Evidence & Research to Practice, Low Level Learners, Adult Learners and Student Ambassadors, Workforce Development, Vendors and Businesses

See: Call for Proposals
Additional information
Optionally, in up to 200 words, include specific requirements, such as laptop or software downloads or skill-set prerequisites, or anything else you think we need to know. Information here will not be published. (1200 characters)

How long are sessions? or How much time will I have for a session?

Session blocks will be 75 minutes in length, subject to program committee decisions and scheduling logistics.

What if I get started on the proposal form and cannot finish it in one sitting?

We recommend that you prepare your responses in a separate document and copy/paste them into the submission form once the information is fully prepared. However, it is possible to edit a proposal once you have finished the proposal process. Contact rendezvous@caepa.org if edits are required.

What happens after I submit my proposal?

You will see a confirmation screen after you submit your proposal and receive a confirmation email. A CAEPA committee will review all proposals during the month of August. Session leaders will be notified via email regarding the status of their proposals. If selected, we will ask for a Session leader biography.

What technology does CAEPA provide?

CAEPA provides a projector and standard cable, basic classroom tech support and wireless connectivity in each session room. We regret that we cannot provide instructor stations or laptops, flash drives, or Mac projector DVI connectors/cables. CAEPA is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) event for all.