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2019 Ann Deditz Scholarship

The winner of the Ann Deditz scholarship will receive paid registration to the Rendezvous Conference.

Conference registration includes a year’s membership in CAEPA, meals at the conference and parking during the event. Transportation and hotel costs are not included in the scholarship.

Scholarship recipients will be asked to participate in the conference. One assignment might be to act as a session host. Whenever possible the recipient will host a session they were already planning to attend. Session hosts introduce the speaker(s) and make certain double sessions take a break between segments.

Qualification Requirements

  • Applicants must be currently involved in adult education or be students preparing to enter the field of adult education within the year.
  • This scholarship is open only to current CAEPA members who have not previously received this scholarship. To become a CAEPA member, please visit our marketplace.

Educators from the following instructional areas are encouraged to apply: ABE, GED, ESL, Corrections, Workforce and Family Literacy.

The following people are also encouraged to apply: Adult Education Volunteers and first-time conference attendees.

You will be asked for the following information:

  • Contact Information: name, email, phone
  • Application response (200 words max), see the application for the description

Ann Deditz Scholarship Form