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Business Services Academy

NAWDP is hosting a Business Services Academy, August 13th & 14th in Denver, CO. We hope that the Adult Basic Education teacher(s) in each region are taking an active role in (or leading!) their local Business Services Team. Either way, this Academy will provide some additional insight into what those local teams can, and should, be doing. NAWDP would like to offer any current COABE member the opportunity to attend the Academy at the NAWDP member rate. All they have to do is enter COABE as the promotional code during the checkout process.

The academy will provide intensive and thorough training on each of the four business services endorsement competencies.

Linkages and Promotion of the Workforce System Business Engagement and Interaction Engagement with Economic Development Talent Pipeline Development All attendees who attend and complete the two day academy will receive a certificate and their NAWDP Business Services Endorsement.

Linkages and Promotion of the Workforce Development System: Learn key components involved in learning business speak, marketing and branding to identify business needs and expectations, understanding demand industries and how they fit with career pathways, and establishing and communicating business success indicators. This workshop will equip attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to link and promote business as a primary customer to the workforce system.

  • Identify workforce solutions from a business perspective.
  • Identify what businesses need and acts in the appropriate way to serve the customer.
  • How to market the supply of workforce in the context of existing demand and develop a talent pipeline management approach to business relationships.
  • Provide instruction on how to interpret and communicate Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses to partner with the workforce system.

Engagement with Economic Development: Delve into the essential partnerships that strengthen the relationship between economic development and the workforce system. The focus of economic development is to grow existing business, retain existing business and attract new business. This seminar will equip attendees with information needed to forge a successful relationship between the workforce system and economic development.

  • How to build the connection between economic development and workforce development.
  • How to relate to businesses using workforce knowledge and expertise to facilitate long term partnerships.
  • Ways to develop an understanding of the role of economic development in recruiting, retaining, and supporting business growth.

Business Engagement and Interaction: Dynamic Works presents Master Trainer, Lisa Rice, as subject matter expert for Business Engagement and Interaction. As presented at the USDOL Region 3 Business Service Conference, Lisa has a way of showing her passion for treating businesses with “Nordstrom-like Customer Service.” This highly interactive session will include tips on how to build long-lasting relationships with businesses, roll-playing scenarios for providing consultative services to the business community; and relying on your personal strengths to maximize impact to business leaders. Lisa is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach who brings out the best in you and will apply these concepts to making you a well-rounded Business Services Team member. Providing stellar business services requires that you know yourself as well as you know your customer. The ‘sales’ technique you use to engage employers will be different from those around you. During this session you will see how you can pull upon not only your own Strengths for engaging employers but also how you can understand employers Strengths and fulfill their needs easily.

  • How to make use of presentations to single businesses or large groups, in order to teach, inform, or persuade.
  • Developing services to businesses based on the resources available.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide consultation and support to businesses with an emphasis on identifying and understanding business’ current and future workforce needs.
  • How to interpret new and existing laws that businesses must know and connects employers to customized services under those laws.

Talent Pipeline Development: Informative, interactive, and engaging workshop on business services. Our session will focus on providing attendees with foundational knowledge of business services under the demand driven, business first, workforce development system of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). We also provide attendees with strategies of engaging business, understanding needs, utilizing information and data, collaborating with partners, and serving business. Attendees in the Business Services Training Academy will learn the following: learn about the emphasis on serving businesses as the primary customer in the public workforce system, the process to collaborate with partners in order to achieve success for all, techniques for using data sources to understand the labor pool and gaps, and mastering the art of getting to know the customer and uncovering their talent needs in a demand driven system.

  • How to show knowledge of the skills of the area’s labor pool and how to interpret whether the business will be able to find the skilled workers it needs.
  • Tips to learn to identify what businesses need and how to identify gaps in the workforce.
  • How to use knowledge to train and develop the workforce.
  • Using knowledge of industry sector partnerships and career pathways to manage and develop talent for businesses and potential job seekers.