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Unlimited Learning Center Helps Students Expland Career Opportunities

The Unlimited Learning Center, Inc. was initially established in 1976 to provide basic educational services in Montezuma and Dolores counties of Colorado. The program offers instruction to adults, 17 and older, for 50 hours per week. The center has long offered courses in basic literacy, high school equivalency, computer literacy training, English as a second language, transition to college and the workplace, and basic pre-med training.

Now, however, Unlimited Learning Center is providing its students with even more opportunities. Because of the demand for workers in the healthcare field, Unlimited Learning Center is preparing its students in the following fields: Personal Care Provider, Nursing Assistant, Emergency Responder, Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Emergency Medical Technician.

The material for these courses is written at the 6th grade level, and activities are appealing to adults of varied academic backgrounds and learning styles. The courses are specialized to teach students the skills necessary for medical careers. This will enable students to focus only on skills necessary for their chosen career, saving both time and money. Unlimited Learning Center provides these courses through direct instruction and distance learning.