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Right To Read Of Weld County

When I was in graduate school a friend of mine encouraged me to teach a class at Right to Read Adult Education Center. Before visiting the school, I thought “adult education” was a song by Hall & Oates, but by the end of one semester I had fallen in love with adult learners, many of whom I’m lucky to still call friends. I taught ESL levels 3 and 4 for Right to Read for two years while teaching composition classes at the collegiate level. When the opportunity to become the director of our program presented itself, I was excited about the possibility of impacting learners and educators on a larger scale but nervous about leaving the classroom. My co-workers and other colleagues around the state have helped me settle into this role and sometimes my staff even lets me teach a class with them. I feel extremely fortunate to work with such amazing people both in our program and other adult education programs in Colorado. We are a bizarre and wonderful group united in our passion to empower adults through education.