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Rethinking Conferences 2016

Rationale: Reduced budgets and the need to connect locally have made a centralized, two-day conference expensive and restricts partner participation.

Proposal: CAEPA provides support for regionalized conferences. Programs can apply to host a conference and CAEPA can support through advertising, registration, logistics, and finances.

Advantages for Programs:

  • Financial support for local efforts
  • Lower cost for conference attendance (travel and hotel)
  • Can still invite outside presenters (proposal could fund them)
  • Can still attend other regional conferences
  • Local partners more likely to attend
  • Focus can be on what the region needs
  • Timing can best meet regional needs (travel, breaks, etc.)

Obligations for Programs:

  • Must write a proposal to receive CAEPA funding
  • Must allow for all CAEPA members statewide to attend if desired
  • Must provide follow-up data (attendees and evaluations)
  • Must have local support for logistics (registration, food, space, etc.)

CAEPA could:

  • Support through online registration and/or fee collection and then forward to host program
  • Share the workload as we have board members in most parts of the state
  • Create a clearinghouse of top speakers by topic
  • Connect with relevant vendors for additional resources
  • Make the application process simple and streamlined so some regions may host multiple mini-conferences each year

NOTE: This is a proposal only. ==No decisions have been made.== To share your opinions, please attend the CAEPA business meeting on Friday morning at 8:00.