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Rendezvous Cancelation

Dear CAEPA members, venders, volunteers and supporters;

The CAEPA board regretfully has decided to cancel the October 2017 conference due too few CAEPA members on the board. The board is operating with only five members at this time, and there needs to be at least 12 on the board. There is a large amount of work to do to set up and run a conference.

Due to the reallocation of federal funds through the state, some of the programs are not getting funded and many others have their funding cut over 60%. Many programs will not have the funds to attend a state conference.

The CAEPA Board will be encouraging people to attend another conference this year until we return the following year. The Board will be awarding five scholarships to conferences of the recipients’ choice up to and not exceeding $500.00 for the conference fees.

Those who wish to apply must send a written request, the cost of attendance, a letter containing what the applicant may gain from the conference, and how the knowledge they gain will apply to their program.

CAEPA President George O’Clair