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Recruitment for Peer reviewers for grant reading

Printable: Request for Readers AEFLA

RECRUITMENT NOTICE – Peer Reviewers for Grant Proposals

PROGRAM: Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) Mesa Workforce Development Area Grant

The Colorado Department of Education Competitive Grants & Awards Office seeks qualified individuals to review proposals in order to help ensure that the investment of state and federal funds, in accordance with authorizing legislation, support high quality, evidence-based programs and student services; sustainable program development; and the achievement of intended outcomes.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) grant is to: Assist adults to become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency; Assist adults who are parents to obtain the educational skills necessary to become full partners in the educational development of their children; and Assist adults in the completion of a secondary school education or its equivalent. This grant competition is open to applicants who plan on serving adults within the Mesa Workforce Development Area. Detailed grant information can be found at

Needed Areas of Expertise

Reviewers should have experience in: adult education, family literacy, and adult English language acquisition programming; adult education and English Learners; Colorado Talent Development System; Colorado one-stop delivery systems and career pathways.

Expectations of Reviewers and Covered Costs

  • Each reviewer will receive a packet containing guidance, a copy of the application, submitted applications, and scoring rubric.
  • Reviewers will read and assess their assigned applications individually and then, in a face-to-face full- day setting, participate in review team discussions.
  • The review process can take approximately 15 hours of active time to complete. The time commitment can vary depending on simplicity or complexity of individual applications, the travel distance to and from the team discussion review day, and the length of each review team’s discussion.
  • The review team discussions are scheduled for a full day, and generally all or most of that time is needed to complete the discussions; however, team members are free to leave if their team finishes earlier than planned.
  • The AEFLA program will reimburse reviewer travel expenses which may include mileage, lodging, and parking. Coffee and lunch is provided the day of the review team discussions. Honorarium payment is not available.


June 4
Reviewers receive proposals (Reviewers read approximately 3 proposals. Each includes a 16-page narrative, attachments, and budget).
June 12
Scores Due to CDE
June 13
Reviewer Team Discussions (Full day in Downtown Denver)

Conflicts of Interest

Interested parties are ineligible to serve as a reviewer if he/she:

  • Has assisted in the preparation of an application for the AEFLA 2017-2020 cohort and/or this current competition, or is employed by an eligible applicant that intends to apply, or that has already submitted a proposal in the grant competition for the AEFLA 2017-2020 cohort.
  • Has agreed to serve as an employee or consultant, or otherwise provide assistance or advice to an applicant, or has been offered an opportunity to do so and has not yet accepted or declined, based on whether a grant is awarded.
  • Has a personal financial interest affected by the outcome of this AEFLA grant competition.

How to Make Your Interest Known

If you are available and interested in participating in this review process, please complete a survey regarding your experience and areas of expertise as soon as possible. The survey link is: This is the first step in the process to select reviewers. Responding with your availability does not guarantee your participation.

Confirmation of Reviewers

Reviewers are selected based on their relevant qualifications and the number of grant applications received. Those selected will be contacted with additional information no later than Friday, June 1, 2018.

Tell a Friend or Colleague!

If you know someone with the appropriate qualifications who would be interested in the AEFLA review opportunity, you are encouraged to share this flyer with them.

For questions, contact Anna Young at 303-866-6250 or