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BY THE ==Mayor and City Council== OF THE ==name of city==, Colorado.


WHEREAS, the need for a highly literate citizenry increases as (==name of city==) and Colorado move toward an increasingly technological future; and WHEREAS, more than 10% percent of Colorado adults experience literacy inadequacies that impact severely on their lives and families, their ability to work productively, and their full participation as citizens and residents of our state; and

WHEREAS, adult education and family literacy programs help Colorado adults get the basic skills they need to be productive workers, family members and citizens, offering academic instruction and educational services, up to the high school level, that increase an adult’s ability to read, write and speak in English and perform math and other activities; and

WHEREAS, approximately 9,500 learners statewide were served in 2014-2015 by Federal and State-funded adult education programs, 56% of those learners for English language acquisition (compared to 2012 data of over 157,000 Colorado adults who do not speak and read English well), 35% for Adult Basic Education, and 9% for Adult Secondary Education and High School Equivalency classes (compared to 2012 data of over 340,000 Colorado adults with no high school credential); and many others were served by other local and community programs, including (==name of AE provider==) which serves (==name of city==); and

WHEREAS, the Literacy Coalition of Colorado and the Colorado Adult Education Professional Association invite (name of city residents to join in highlighting the economic and societal importance of literacy and adult literacy programs;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, (==name of Mayor==), do hereby proclaim September 26 to October 1, 2016, as NATIONAL ADULT EDUCATION AND FAMILY LITERACY WEEK in (==name of city==), Colorado, and urge my fellow citizens to learn more about the importance of adult literacy and family literacy and to become involved with these programs in our community.