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Invest in Adult Education

We need your help

On February 9, President Trump signed a Continuing Resolution that includes significant increases in Non-defense Discretionary spending and offers the opportunity to increase funding for Adult Education, among other programs. Now, each Appropriations Committee must decide how to allocate its new funds. We believe that this is a unique opportunity to increase funding for Adult Education by $100 million (a roughly 17 percent increase) from about $582 million to about $682 million.

Please click HERE to write or to call your member of Congress in support of $100 million more for Adult Education. Three quick clicks is all it takes to raise your hand for Adult Education!



On March 22, the Congress agreed and the President signed an Omnibus Appropriations bill that included an additional $35 million in funding for Adult Education. As a result, Adult Education will be funded at $631 million rather than $596 million. This increase of almost six percent is the first for Adult Education since 2002. It is important to note that even with this increase, Adult Education funding is still almost $20 million below the level authorized in WIOA ($649 million). Now Congress turns its attention to FY19. We believe that Adult Education should be funded at the level authorized in WIOA for FY19 or $664.5 million.

This increase shows the power of your hard work and the power of our message. We must continue to work together to reach the level originally authorized in WIOA, and we need your help to do this. Please take action below.

  • Send a Letter Regarding Reed/Blumenthal “Dear Colleague Letter”
  • Teachers, Administrators, Friends: Send an Email
  • Students Contact Your Mayor, Governor, and Congressmen

Let our elected officials know that adult education is important. By sending an email, you can tell lawmakers why you think it’s important that adult education is funded. Please write today to share your story and let them know how their policy impacts you.

  • Sign the Petition To Bring Visibility to Adult Education

Add your voice to raise cause of Adult Education by taking just a few minutes to sign our petition seeking recognition and increased funding. Small actions can result in big changes. Please add your name today to support our organization’s efforts to make a difference.

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