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Increase Literacy Skills Help Employee Reach Goal

Maria Tarango has been an employee at Cargill Meat Solutions since 2004 and a student at Morgan Community College/Cargill Workplace Education since September 2012. At Workplace Education, she has been improving her English skills and preparing for her high school equivalency exams. Her acquisition of knowledge has paid off because Maria was recently promoted to a Supervisor position at Cargill Meat Solutions.

Maria said, “Workplace Education has helped me with my communication in English, so that I can be a better person and do better in my job. My goal when I started with Workplace Education was to become a supervisor. It is important for my future.”

Maria also expressed how easy it is to go to school since Workplace Education is located inside the Cargill facility. Classes are held during hours that accommodate the employees’ schedules. Maria goes to class before her shift every day. She stated that when she was picked for her new position, she told the interviewer she was going to school, and she wanted to continue attending Workplace Education so that she could keep improving. Congratulations on your accomplishments, Maria!