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This web-tool is a reimagined version of the old-fashioned webquest. You can take any webpage and add your content in the form of text-based instructions, quizzes, embedded videos, inserted images, and even discussion threads. This could be a powerful tool for teachers and trainers!

Items to consider while watching:

  1. How can guidance while using the internet increase learning?
  2. Can interactive tech elements make research lesson more interactive?
  3. How can you use guided activities that are embedded into a webpage to shift from direct instruction teaching model to a facilitation model?
  4. Can tools like DocentEDU make flipped-teaching more effective?

Things to know:

  1. This tool requires the use of the Chrome or Firefox Browser.
  2. The first 5 DocentEDU lessons are free.
  3. Your users need the free DocentEDU app if they use a mobile device. On a computer, they will need to use Chrome or Firefox.