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Call For Caepa Board Members

Adult Education and Literacy programs in Colorado play an integral role in our communities which have a direct impact on national and local economies; and breaking generational poverty cycles while restoring dignity and value to Colorado families.

There are over 150 adult education programs throughout Colorado. Each of your programs positively impact students daily through adult basic education. There is an increased need for state funding, advocacy, and high-quality professional development to help Colorado adults acquire the skills necessary to obtain employment, improve economic opportunities for their families, and aid in the transition to postsecondary education and training. There is much to accomplish on behalf of our students. Your passion and expertise can help accomplish these goals.

The Colorado Adult Education Professional Association (CAEPA) is calling for adult educators interested in serving as a member of the Board of Directors to address these issues and concerns on behalf of state programs. If interested, click on the link below to complete an application and begin the selection process.

As adult educators, we share a common desire to prepare adults to succeed, to reach more adults who struggle with literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving. CAEPA is here to support your efforts as we continue to Impact Colorado through adult basic education.


CAEPA Board of Directors

George O’Clair
Karen Jaramillo
Nadine Kerstetter
Karen Carr
Gaye Horne
Board Member
Jason Kilpatrick
Board Member
Jesus Marrufo
Board Member
Leigh Burrows
Board Member
Teona Shainidze Krebs
Board Member
Teresa Malone
Board Member