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Apple released iOS 9.3 which offers some cool updates. Many of the updates are geared specifically for school and educational use and will be a great help for tech directors in the deployment and distribution of apps. This includes the ability to have shared iPads – students will be able to login and out of iPads (#TTT coming soon!).

Today’s video is meant for you as a user of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). You will learn how to help Touch ID work better, how to lock Notes with Touch ID, and how to access a new setting called Night Shift.

Items to consider while watching:

  1. Are you an early adopter of new technology/operating systems?
  2. What are the benefits as an educator to use / try the latest technology?
  3. Are you prepared for the technology to have bugs?
  4. Do you have back-up plans for those moments when the tech doesn’t work as expected?

Apple iOS 9.3