The Colorado Adult Education Professional Association, CAEPA, provides leadership to the field of adult education and family literacy by offering opportunities for professional development, advocacy, and resource sharing to improve the quality of life for every Coloradan.

CAEPA is volunteer run, and a membership supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

CAEPA members represent adult education and family literacy programs from across Colorado that are diverse in nature: local community and faith-based organizations, community colleges, school districts, corrections facilities, workforce districts and libraries. Altogether, CAEPA affiliates account for nearly 15,000 of Colorado’s learners each year. See the CAEPA Factsheets for detailed information.

CAEPA provides a context for ongoing professional dialogue and sharing in Adult Education - including advocacy, networking, lobbying, research and programming, resources, policy development, and coordination with the Colorado Department of Education, Correctional Education Association, and other public agencies.

Executive Officers

  • George Oclair President 2010
  • Jason Kilpatrick Technology Specialist 2014
  • Jesus Marrufo Co-Technology Specialist 2016
  • Karen Carr Treasurer 2010
  • Kathryn Wisner Co-Treasurer 2017
  • Nadine Kerstetter Secretary 2017
  • Tiffany Pippin Co-Treasurer 2017

CDE Liason

  • Danielle Ongart CDE Liason 2017
  • Gaye Horne CDE Liason 2017

Board of Directors

  • April Mezis 2018
  • Donna Kapp 2018
  • Ellen Klement 2017
  • Jacquelyn Gaiters-Jordan 2018
  • Leigh Burrows 2018
  • Missy Cowen 2018
  • Rachel Nichols 2018
  • Steven Gold 2018
  • Teona Shainidze Krebs 2017
  • Yvette Myrick 2017

Professional Learning

The 2018 COABE Virtual Conference

Collaborate with your colleagues from around the country in the virtual world!